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We specialize in serving premium authentic Chinese hotpot. Our traditional homemade soup bases combined with our top quality ingredients and the freshest Hokkaido seafood make Ryunabe the No.1 choice for hotpot in Hokkaido.

Cantonese hotpot with a gourmet twist: a new star enters Niseko dining scene

The word on the street is that Ryu Nabe, a new member to theincreasingly diversified dining scene of Niseko, serves up some of the freshest ingredients for hearty hotpot in town. Soup bases are unique, and sake pairings are unbeatable. Craving something that are not in that savory, bubbling cauldron, try some Chinese specialty dishes, which are also available on the menu.

Ryu Nabe is a 50-seater, upscale Cantonese hotpot joint in the heart of Hirafu. Its Japanese bistro-style decor offers a much-coveted zen-like ambiance in a quiet wooded setting.

The food scene in Niseko has never been boring, while it certainly was lacking in some authentic Cantonese goodness. A group of Hong Kongers/frequent skiers and boarders got behind the idea to opening a family-style hotpot joint, serving up high quality, no-MSG ingredients that even picky kids would love.

Led by head chef Alex Chan, a Hong Kong native (and sake connoisseur) having cooked for some of the most discerning palates in the city, Ryu Nabe™s exclusive menu features only the finest farm fresh or flown-in daily ingredients. Elevating the hotpot experience, an integral part of the Cantonese Hong Kong culture, right here in Niseko, expect premium cuts of beef, fresh local seafood and flaming soup bases here.

All simmered over low heat for 36+ hours, unique broths to try out include the tomato seafood stew, and the 3.7 Hokkaido milk base, among a selection of homemade stocks. Go for some premium Sashimi to cool down. Signature seafood items in locally sourced in Hokkaido aside, Wagyu beef and Spanish Iberico pork are among the favorites here. To satisfy your carb craving, they got this special, Hong Kong-style clay pot rice that hits just the spot.

All these delectable edibles are complemented by an exceptional beverage experience here, featuring the most sophisticated of Japenese Ginjo and domestic whisky.

After a long day on the slopes, who doesn’t love sitting around a hearty pot of broth, delicately cooking your own meats and seafood to warm up?


Soup Base is the soul of hotpot. Our homemade soup base is slowly brewed with a variety of carefully selected ingredients for a minimum of 36 hours with no artificial additives. It serves to nourish your yin energy and replenish moisture, striking a balance between taste and healthiness


We serve the most premium parts of Japanese black Wagyu – the shoulder tenderloin, the short rib and the flank. The succulent meats are all perfectly marbled with a deliciously tender texture which melts in your mouth.


We choose to use premium Spanish Iberico for our pork shoulder meat. It comprixes of the perfect balance of meat and fat delivering juiciness and all other hidden flavours.


It is our mission to source and serve top quality seasonal specials and the freshest seafood to our customers accompanied by the best selection of beverages. Seasonal Hokkaido seafood includes Hokkaido Hairy Crabs, sea urchins, scallops, surf clams, seasonal fresh fish, octopus, oysters etc.



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Ryunabe specializes in premium authentic Chinese hot pot. Traditional homemade soup bases combined with top quality ingredients and the freshest Hokkaido seafood makes Ryunabe the No.1 choice for hot pot in Hokkaido.


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